When You Stepped Into My World

Poem By Serena Taylor

When you stepped into my world.
The darkness disappeared.
You took away my worries.
You took away my fears.

When I told you I was unhappy
You tried to cheer me up.
Whenever I had a test
You wished me good luck.

But in the end, when you left
The darkness reappeared.
It bought back all my worries.
It bought back all my fears.

Comments about When You Stepped Into My World

Nicely written a nice work of urs...
I really liked your poem of that I'm very clear, If you believe in yaself you, ll alway, s beat the fear.
i hate it when they do that. they brighten up the moment but then they leave letting darkness fill your world once again. i love how you changed moods so suddenly in the poem. good right.
This one in particular is powerful. The light one brings, and the darkness they revive. It's a good connector for a lot of people. Good Job. Keep writing.
He sure did brighten up everything, for a while

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