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When You Touch Me................

When you touch me, my heart beats at the sound of your love
I love the way you hold on me I can feel your warmath
When you hug me, my heart tells my soul that you are mine
When your lips touch my lips, my soul is in heaven
When I am in your arms, I hear nothing but your love beat
When your arms wrapped around my shoulder
then our love blossoms in like a new spring
When you touch me in the places never touched, want to be
a part of your life for ever
When I put my heart in to your heart, its become a ever lasting soul
When you touch me, it secure my doubts and release my fears
When you touch me, I feel your presence when I am lost
When you touch me, I feel that you are there to heal my pain
Without you and your love, there would not be a lasting love.

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