Y/. The Golden Key (A Sonnet)

One day, I want to melt all gold on earth
And make a wonderful key with it all
This special key of incredible worth
Will be fit to unlock your heart and soul
The remote buttons will work like a smile
Like a lawine of sweet and loving words
I will turn that key with a manly style
And happy thoughts will fly to you as birds
A simple turn of the sweet golden key
Just like a wonder, magic fun and true
Will cause, for everyone to hear and see
A wave of peace and happiness in you
Let's dream of a universe filled with love
And all may get a key from High Above

Aufie Zophy,

If you want to use the above sonnet for any (other than commercial) purpose, feel free to do so, but please mention the author's name under the poem.
Thanks, Hans @ Aufie Zophy



Love your spouse,
Love your son
Love your daughter
Love your mother
Love your father
Love your sister
Love your brother
Love your friends
Love your neighbour
Love your colleagues
Love your pets
Love the drivers you meet on the road
Love the people you see in the lift
Love the people you meet on the bus
Love the people you meet on the train
Love all the people
Love your house
Love your car
Love your garden
Love the beach
love the woods
Love the grass
Love the flowers
Love the weeds
Love the ants
Love the clouds
Love the sun
Love the moon
And above all,
Love the Creator of all the above

And enjoy swimming in a sea of love


by Aufie Zophy

Comments (4)

A very lovely morning with sweet wind beating against the door, sun rays creeping stealthily into the room and running brook singing tunes, reminding you of your love- - A beautiful piece, thanks for sharing.
You bring about a beautiful dawnong, in appreciation of the promise of a new day. I am glad to wake up to this lovely poem. Have a most peace gilled and purposeful day! Glad you shared!
Very delightful poem about waking up. The imagery is wonderful.
Soft rays creep and sweet mind beats with perception. Tune of light gives love and mind continuously sings. An interesting poem is very well penned.10