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When Your Hand Slipped From Mine
GS (March 1960 / Essex England)

When Your Hand Slipped From Mine

Poem By Gabriel SimpsonLaw

When your hand slipped from mine that one final time
I could feel the stars running in rout
Then lonely will do what lonely knows best
And so I sought company out

She was soft, she was warm but there wasn’t the storm
Or the smoke that I’d seen in your eyes
Still she took me inside, and faintly she sighed
So I just went along for the ride

Dark and cold was the room, and I studied that gloom
With dispassionate vision at best
As she loosened my jeans in that house small and mean
And kissed me like all of the rest

And when all was done, I paid her and run
For she’d asked me if she’d passed the test
And I said that maybe she was in the top three
Just to make her feel better I guess

But you know that I lied there was something inside me
That wept like a widow morose
And with all of her tenderness fained and indifferent
She never even got close

Not even close

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