When Your Lips Touch My Lips......

Your lips could make magic with my lips
and teasing my lips with your groan love
Prolonging the pleasure for as we love each other
and my body is entangled with your love soul
Your kisses could relieve my heart pain
and bring the passions to grow inside me
When we walk in the cool breeze in the night
and you will become my possession to hold you tight
Even the moon shower his blessing on us with sight
and my gentle stroke never fail to make you flight
My love for you is greater than infinity
and my kisses are sending waves of delight through my lips
Your eyes tell me of your hunger for my love
and your groan voice make me to understand your desire
Then my soul being to sing with pleasure
and your heart swells with moisture
So, I take my deep breath holding you
and kiss you deep and say ' I love you'

by Ravi Sathasivam

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