NM (November 19th 1993 / Tauranga, New Zeland)

When Your World Is Crumbling

Everything's breaking
Everything's going
And if it isn't,
it is already gone

God is treating me
like a child treats a cookie
Clutching it in a tight grip,
Crumbling the cookie;
Crumbling my world

I don't know what to do;
How to put my cookie back together;
How to fix my broken world

I need someone's help
Tell me what to do
Because I have no idea
My world; only left with fear

Please tell me how to stop it;
How to stop this crumbling pain;
I don't want to be scared anymore;
Scared in my own world

Please tell me what to;
What to do when your world is crumbling...

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We must fight...The dark turning to light Believe in your self That you can achieve You will happily See that day Even late...
the only thing u can do when ur world is crumbling is to be happy