When Your World Is Crumbling

Everything's breaking
Everything's going
And if it isn't,
it is already gone

God is treating me
like a child treats a cookie
Clutching it in a tight grip,
Crumbling the cookie;
Crumbling my world

I don't know what to do;
How to put my cookie back together;
How to fix my broken world

I need someone's help
Tell me what to do
Because I have no idea
My world; only left with fear

Please tell me how to stop it;
How to stop this crumbling pain;
I don't want to be scared anymore;
Scared in my own world

Please tell me what to;
What to do when your world is crumbling...

by Nerissa Morton

Comments (2)

We must fight...The dark turning to light Believe in your self That you can achieve You will happily See that day Even late...
the only thing u can do when ur world is crumbling is to be happy