Whenever You Smile

Poem By Danny Speicher

When we talk, I talk strongly and boldly
Of grand schemes and master plans I speak
When we laugh, I laugh so effortlessly
You make me smile with humor, unique
When we kiss, I kiss you confidently
Your lips provide me strength when I am weak
And when I see you smile I find peace
And from all my fears I find release

But, when my intellect gives my heart leave
I worry about moving too closely
As my mind and all my fears, doubts do weave
And my love for you stabs me, ruthlessly
For my sight won't relent and let me believe
Someone so beautiful loves me truly
But, when I see you smile I find peace
And from all these fears I find release

So, I will keep loving you recklessly
For my heart won't let me fail to do so
I will hold on to hope passionately
And cling to you with my love to bestow
For it's true you might hurt me callously
But, your love's worth the risk and you should know
That whenever you smile there is peace
And in your eyes, there is endless release

((Dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend, Lydia, on our first Valentine's Day))
((February 14th,2012))

Comments about Whenever You Smile

That was beautiful write Danny..it crafted with emotion and lovely feelings..it really a best gift for her! _Unwritten Soul

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