Where Am I?

Poetry has left my soul
And without it I’m not whole
A shell of myself I am
Without the nourishment of rhyme

My tongue’s insensitive to savor
My eyes to color
My skin to pleasure and pain
I can’t tell sunshine from rain

I’m imprisoned by independence
I am not in attendance
Of my own existence
My heart’s in penance

by Leslie Alexis

Comments (3)

Again with another lovely and expressive words.You always find your way with a very simple words to express.
in the shadows of grieving we find light.... poetry will remain with you for the rest of your life!
This is the explosion of emotion...just beautifully burst in this work! And where you are? ? in your own world and go find a freedom that is always exist just we need the feel to search it...You will find a way..and this poem is beautiful! _Unwritten Soul