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Where Am I?

I heard that God read us
I heard that all we need is love
I heard that real men have true lies
I heard so many odds which make me crazy

I saw death when some said survive
I saw people drown on their second breath
I saw the softness when they've seen the ugliness
I saw so many odds which make me crazy

Am I a monster lost in this strange world?
Am I alone to hear the piano coming from hearts?
Am I such drunk that i find my unconsciousness?
No one else can feel violins pulsating under skin?

Where are gone those who said join the brass band
With their wind, percussion and stringed
Why did they leave before dawn?
Did they open their doors now?

I fled when my sun turn off
To join troubles and confusions from others
I lost part of my way on their road
And I had turn my way so many times

Even if i walk to the west, the east, the south, the north
To play my music witch is a melting pot coming from my soul
I miss someone I have never met
But I'll still want believe in him

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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wow.. you are very lost..believe in you, and a better he will show.. i feel your ink..and like it alot. peace