Where Am I

Lord in heavens and devil on ground
where am I, I ask where am I
Close to the heart of an angel
but far away and not near by
Elohay eb shmaymu yode`
love her I, and can't get close by

Let the people know or don't know
my broken heart wandered in vain
Life so harsh and tired I got so much
so much feelings I just can't explain
Let me rest in the heavens of the one in here
and leave the world outside live in a chain

Crying I and my tears have no way to fall
falling I and have no stand upon
Despair lived by my side and I used to
alone and loneliness crying for me on
O my Lord in heavens so high I ask one last time
where am I, and what ground I shall be on

Swore I and swear now and will swear
under the guarding eyes of my Lord up in height
In my dwellings that made me amazed in life
I shall never let the heart catch up with the light
But only for one spawn in angels wombs
one of a kind amazed me just as a sun at night

by Taher Shemaly

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