Where Am I Now..? ! .

Poem By shyam balaji

Sitting lonely on a chair
breathing some morning air
thinking so hard
to become a bard
I penned this title.

Looking at the trees through grill,
that amidst of buildings stand still.
I tried to recollect my past
memories denied to gush in fast
For not much of a thorny lane
have i traversed being little sane.

Gifted with a life that's blessed,
in all endeavors, luck surely kissed.
I found myself in limelight,
for no reason so bright
had I always been upright.

Scorching sun made an ascend
backing me to the real present,
Most of which is lived in fantasy
entangled by thoughts so lousy
wasting time thinking about past
is insane in this world so vast.

I felt being lost in the mighty crowd,
yearning to make myself feel proud.
realized only the seeds we sow today,
bestows us a bigger tomorrow, a good day.! ! ! .

********HAPPY NEW YEAR*********

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