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Where Are Friends

Where are friends, oh where are they
Can I see them from a far
Friends are like gold dust, but will we ever know
If they are sincere, or like a falling star
Friends, can they give us, what we have missed
If they can, then we know we have a friend forever
If this is a task, that is hard to comit
Then as a friend, you better check the weather
A friendship is like a world of love
You hold it together in any way you can
but your greatest friend, is The Lord Above
Keep hold of him in friendship and sorrow
Then the World may seem different
When you wake up, on the morrow.

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Comments (4)

A friend looks out for that red little word alongside your poems and when she doesnt see it wonders, is Sylvie ok? Hope so, well done on this ever so thoughtful tribute to friendship Sylvie.
Friends are like stars they see us alright! Very Moving and am glad that I have read this one Love Duncan
Lovely poem about friends. Enjoyed that!
Here's one right here! Love Gyp's