Where Are They Today

The joy in your laughter the woe in your tears
The memories remain of the long bygone years
And the old streets you often did walk up and down
Full of youthful elan in the far away town

The boys and girls you went to school with where are they today?
All of them showing the ageing signs of time's decay
Some of them are deceased and in eternal rest lay
Time catches up on us since life is this way

Some of them are childless some of them never wed
Some of them are grandparents and sedentary lives have led
Some of them from the hometown in miles living far
How different in our ways everyone of us are

On looking back the years it does not seem long ago
To the days when you thought time would never become your foe
Time that does rust iron has left you walking slow
And the young person into an old person grow

Like the flowers of the Spring we are born to die
The same for the celebrity as for you and i
And when you think of the past to yourself do you say
The friends of my young years where are they today?

by Francis Duggan

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