Where Are We Headed

Poem By gerard ali

In a world that does not allow mistakes,
And no one cares much about lakes,
And 90 % of the politicians are fakes,
And no one plays for fun anymore only takes.
Where are we heading?

I’m a child growing up in this world,
Doesn’t matter whether I’m a boy or a girl,
And seeing what my world is becoming,
It’s like a toilet with bad plumbing.

Each day the adults teach me a new lesson,
Today was greed and obsession,
I’m even more afraid of what I learnt yesterday,
And that was its ok not to pray.
Where are we heading?

What am I to do when I get older?
When I am well seasoned an bolder,
When I have learnt how to survive
Without ever having to lean on anyone’s shoulder.

Can you imagine what form of
Human they are creating,
Someone with no patience and never waiting,
Someone that cannot be shaken,
I’m afraid of what I will become,
Someone who won’t hesitate to ignite a bomb,
That think all life is scum.
Where are we heading.

If the adults don’t change their mentality,
It will surely end in fatality,
Can we afford for this to come to pass,
For I assure you this is our present task,
Why do we stride so hard on being blast?
This is what, will not, make us last.
I think we are here.

Do we really think our creator,
Will allow us to continue to destroy,
All the great things he have made,
Think again, my friend,
And prepare yourself to spend,
The way you have been living,
Not straight but bent,
Cause the truth is nothing on this earth
Was given,
Just lent.

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