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Where Are You? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

Maybe it's against my will
But I just can't stand still

Watching you breaking my heart
And tearing every moment part by part

I couldn’t even bare that pain
My tears went down just like rain

It's not the lovely sweet
This is a horrible beast

This is not the one I knew
It's just not you….not you

Why are you treating me like this?
Just tell me please…that's all I wish

If there's just something wrong with me
I'll change….. I swear… you'll see

I just don’t know what to do?
If it's not you… then who?

You're not the one to hurt
You are more angelic than a bird

You were my real twin
You've never committed a single sin

You were my soul mate
But, , is it just fate?

That wanted us to separate
And never ever communicate

I swear to GOD I can take
Any risk….only for your sake

But just tell me…why? !
Why had you just left and said bye bye?

Please tell me..i need to know
Or just tell me where to go? ? !

When I look at the moon…
I feel that our meeting is so soon

Let my dreams come true..
And change my gray sky into blue..


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outsanding poem so full of emotions.......but it realy hurts to know that u past by such an experience.......thanks for sharing keep up the good writing