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Where Are You?
('90 / America)

Where Are You?

I'm befuddled: Where are you?
I've not the faintest, vague-est clue.
I haven't looked; perhaps I'd best.
But I'd much rather leave that quest
And sit instead, and in my head,
Think of it from 'pon my bed.
Maybe you're at the store; maybe lying on the floor?
Or in a tree? In the sea?
Or sipping wine in a winery?
Are you walking 'round on stilts?
Watering flowers so they won't wilt?
Catching fairies with a bowl of cream?
Or far off following your wildest dream?
Are you really nowhere at all
Or everywhere? It is you call.
I do know this: (and this is true)
I know where NOT to find you
Right here in this plain white chair
I know THAT 'coz I'm sitting there.

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lighthearted and fun on the surface with subtle deeper tones of wanderlust and love. enjoyable read, Sophia. -Tailor