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Where Are You Going?

Where are you going today my love?
Where are you going my love?
Are you once again thinking of going astray,
Are you going out again to betray.

Where are you going today my wife?
What are your plans tonight my wife?
Are you waiting for me to fall asleep,
So your rendezvous with another man you can keep.

What are you thinking about my bride?
What are in your thoughts my bride?
Are you thinking how easy it is for you to cheat,
On a husband who trusts you complete.

What are you contemplating my soulmate?
What are you considering my soulmate?
Are you thinking again to have another man,
As you had once before, is that your ultimate plan.

Where have you been my woman the mother?
Could you tell me where you have been the mother?
Tell me does your daughters know where you have been,
Can they see your lies and their reflection in your own grin.

Where are you going out tonight my spouse?
Where are you heading out alone my spouse?
With the vows of our marriage you have torn apart,
Are you going out on a husband, with the trusting heart?

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with a trusting heart, good writing, thanks.