Where Are You Now?

Days had gone into nights and nights had gone into days
And everyday gone count one thousand days in my life.
While weeks had gone into months and months into years, still no sign of you.
For the days are outnumbered that my mathematical prowess can't calculate.
Your sweet memories caused me brain trauma that
I can't distinguish white from black

I hate to live without you and live to hate missing you.
Telephone can't take the place of your romantic voice that breath life in me.
Dreams can't stop me from missing you.
Imaginations can't stop me from seeing you.
Thoughts can't stop me from expressing how deep is my love.
Come back home cause i need you like flowers need a sun.

I want an explanation why am i snobbed every morning
By the two love birds in the tree who expresses their love
By sharing beaks and cuddling each other with songs
Of praise expressing how deep is their love while
I can't even have the start to kiss and cuddle a teddy bear
Because liquids find their level and solids find their shape.

I remember when you whisper my name in the midst of romantic sensation
And the irresistance of your sweet fragrance smell that always put me in love motion.
My worst sin on earth is letting your memories fade away
And my dream is to always shape this love not to be in disarray.
You are the most beautiful thing earth can be proud of
And your love is an abundant blessing i can't think of.

Love, when are you coming home back to me?
Is this the ending of our beginning?
Am i born into this world not to love?
Do i have to wait in living or death?
When will i have a substitute like you?
My biggest question is where are you now?


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Very beautiful, touching and tender poem of your true love. You write of love so delicately, intricately, showing your intense desire needing to be fulfilled through your love. It is also a poem of great sadness that causes the heart to weep for your sorrow. Quietly intense poem, thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn