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Where Are You, The Youth Of Vietnam?
Nhat Thuy Vi ( / Sadec, Vietnam)

Where Are You, The Youth Of Vietnam?

Where are you, the Youth of Vietnam?

Can you see the corruption and greedy of power has become
It has smeared and tainted the name of Vietnam
it has blinded people's eyes, and closed their heart
To the outcry for human's dignity and pride
Where are you the children of Vietnam
Can't you see your father's land being torn
Its culture uprooted and decayed

And has you yet known?
Has you not heard of the students uprising
At Tianmen Square, one day of Spring
The young hearts were pure and strong
Amidst the darkness of human's cruelty enclosing
The youth rises high in dignity and strength
As the world gasped in awe and amazing
With their compassion heart and bare hands
Demanding for justice and dignity
for their land and humanity

Where are you, children of Vietnam
The trade and bargain is being-made
Deals are on pieces by pieces of Vietnam's land
For the greediness and power-testing
of communist leaders, whom self-served and for their own wealth-being
Where are you now? Where is the voice of your strength?
Can Vietnam, a country, be leased for economy?
Should Vietnam be seen - as a nation has no pride and dignity?
Ninety-nine years lease for self-ruled by Chinese-mighty?
So Ninety-nine years Vietnam people have to endure pain and sorry?
Your VOICE, let's us, and the world hear your voice
Let's hear the passion of your heart for the country
Let's see you stand by and aid the Vietnamese
Let's defense the VIETNAM, which was given to you
by your great, great grand father's sacrified and love
Let's us hear YOUR VOICE
With Your Pride and Dignity
As of the Youth Vietnameses

Nhật Thụy Vi

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feeling of oneness and wisdom of thought should arise from the soul of freedom fighters as a cry against injustice.
Excellent writing, beautiful poem 10++++ Thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken