We Seek Jesus

'I wish I could see him,' Zacchaeus said.
He had cheated so many his face was red
With shame that Jesus would know.
Along the path where Jesus would go,
He climbed a tree
The better to see.

'Come down, Zacchaeus,' Jesus cried,
'I'll eat with you. Let us go inside!'
'With me?' cried Zacchaeus. 'You can't mean me!'
But all the same he left the tree.
Like him, each day
We seek Jesus' way.

by Doris Clore Demaree

Comments (5)

A very well written piece with a smooth flow of words.
Many barriers, the Politicians create, While the Artists go to break it. Yes, he did break it really, By his works of art mainly.... no barrier for the art and love, it is said in earnestness... very goodpoem indeed...10
a love story written as poem..a very wonderful expression of love....this is very nice dear, , , a very nice piece naizz
Wonderful. How you compressed the story within a few lines. May you write forever to delight our young minds. Comments by Keerthana Mohan
wonderful poem Sir; all are fair in Love and War.....anything in the name of love fascinates me..