Where Art Thou Go I Shall Find You

For so long, when a song is sung upon clouds
Called to an emptiness, of the bleakest shrouds
A final voice is heard, upon the way of asunder
Like first notion of a sound, heard as of thunder

The bitterness of the lonely, caught in emotion
Longing for the ways, of the heart felt devotion
To hold and need, to caress and to love always
Never returning thought, to a time of worse days

Though in distance acclaimed, for the physical
I am here in your heart, so close to the analytical
Those always studying, that which is obvious
Especially those untouched, and autonomous

Having now felt your caress, upon my dark soul
You the one that can make me, again whole
As I reach to your hand, and feel you so near
I sleep in darkness that, which heralds no fear

As I so feel your velvet thoughts, comfort me
And release any sense of inhibition, to be free
That your words of a seal, to a new loving way
To reveal to me a truth, that is as clear as day

Thus I may enwrap my body, deep within you
As your embrace extends, to something so true
I can call your name, from the wildest mountain
And still, your spirit will return my voice, again

Do I not need a star, upon my sky to guide me?
I only need your soul, to guide me to lands free
Touch me within my spirit, as I long to hold this
To know nothing more, than contemplative bliss

by Vision Ghost

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