Caught In A Drizzle On The Way To Sword Gate Mountain

War dust and wine stains mix on my clothes.
My soul melts when I roam from a long distance.
Is this body of mine really that of a poet?
In a drizzle I enter Sword Gate on a donkey.

by Lu Yu

Comments (4)

A beautiful poem so nicely penned. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.
Superb, such a delight to read and take in. Absolutely fantastic, I so enjoy reading old poetry, it stays with you and mellows you out. Love it..... sweet is this little invitation....who could refuse....loved reading every line...
This poem was written in a letter to an artist and friend named Benjamin Robert Haydon in 1818. Although Keats wrote, 'Here's some doggerel for you, ' I think that this light little poem is a delightful contrast to his major works. Its flirtatious, sensual images catch some of the wit and dalliance of Robert Burns's more carefree love lyrics.