Where, Broken (The Darkness)

Cows on the spine of the hill like the spine of a book are some letters

Letters with legs; like an E and an L or an R that is squared like the box of the
body of cows

Like the spine of a book, the legs and the bodies of cows spell out the name and
maybe the head spells also the name of the book on whose spine is embossed
the name made of grass:

The light of the many days and the darkness the roots of the grass pull up out
of the hill and the light pushes down with the feet of the cows and the darkness
inside of the skulls of the cows, all these the name has eaten

The lines of the spines of the cows grazing the sky, the meeting of spine and sky
also marking the arcing edges of dark or light letters on dark or light pages
where, broken, the name grazes the thing it will know or mean or become

These are the choices.
However, there are other books.

by Liz Waldner

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