Tech Mouse

Golden mouse gets you where
You want to go at the sound of
A click.

by Walterrean Salley

Comments (3)

His hair covers his eyes that hurt from crying- too true, great reason for that hair style lol, I can picture that exact one. This is a wonderful poem and hits that hard tough to talk about issue. But you hit is spot on. ~Amber~
You have addressed a universal issue here. In our quest to conquer the world, we are all forgetting the basics of life. We are all ruining the future of our children. Many people who have children do not deserve them and treat them real bad. Neatly expressed poem. Anjana
Unfortunately the nuclear family is now becoming the minority as more and more children grow up in fragmented families. This poem is well expressed and the pain and rejection of an absent father is obvious here. Nice piece of work, Gabriella. Love, Fran xx