Where Did He Go?

He walks in with a smile on his face.
Nobody realizing what he is hiding
He goes and sits by himself.

As he sits there staring out the window
He wonders to him self
“Do I belong here? ”
“Does anyone care about me? ”

He walks home by himself
With out saying a word
He goes into his room and shuts his door.

Nobody hears from him.
A week has gone by still no word
No sight of him
No nothing!

Someone calls him
No answer.

They get worried.
Hearts beating a mile a minuet
They walk to his house.
Slowly they walk to his room

No answer
They open the door

There the see him
Lying on the floor
Face as purple as a plum

All of a sudden you hear loud, roaring sirens
Everyone is rushing to the hospital

He is rushed right through those huge doors
Right into room 125

Everyone scattered outside his room.
Wondering if he is ok

by Lost Sierra

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