(18 August 1920 – 21 October 2002 / Lumding, Assam / India)

Where Did The Sisters Go

Where did the sisters go
Where did the mothers depart?

The Sassis in deserts,
the Heers in plains
The Sohnis in rivers
forever lost.

Where did the streets
the streets of innocence
Where I could go
to whichever house that I wished to

Each house had a special mark
Each living being had his name.

But all the faces now
made up the same
I may call them, by what name.

Calling them sisters
am made to explain
A preface to my intent
my sense of shame.

The whole world's become
Man and woman
The rest is shadows,

Where did the sisters go,
Where have the mothers gone?

[English Translation by Dr. Madan Gopal Singh]

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