Where Do I Go

where do i go from here
left or right
and do i do it willingly
or do i put up a fight

and what is my answer
yes or no
and do i follow it
with no idea where to go

do i follow darkness or
do i follow the light
do i pursue happiness
or pursue my own plight

oh all these questions
and no answers to hand
how do i know
where in the world i stand

lost and forelorn in the middle of time
if only the control of my life were mine

aug 07


Comments (3)

you have voiced out questions here that can only be answered by ourselves.....
GW, the control of your life is yours, you write well of your plight and I hope manage to purge some of those feelings that tend to dominate us and keep us prisoner of our own thoughts. Keep on writing - I can sense it is cathartic for you... HG: -) xx
Brilliant, I really like this alot. Very nicely done Ghost Writer. I look forward to more reads of your works. 'Keep on inkin the Pages' Poison