Where Do I Go From Here

This pain in my heart is killing me,
slowly every day;
how does one say goodbye to her husband,
and simply walk away?

The scattered pieces of my life, are
laying everywhere;
how do I begin to pick them up, and
salvage whatever is there?

Fifteen years of my life I gave to him,
now it's blowing away like dust;
the wind that carries them through
the air, is most befittingly named

Those years were never good to me,
yet I cherished my marriage so;
and my pain seems to be taunting me,
when I hear the strong winds blow.

How do I go on living, where do I go
from here;
why can't I simply give up, and wipe
away me tears?

Devastation I am consumed with, it
burns through my very soul;
I don't know how to quench the fire,
or learn to simply let go.

I know I have a future, yet it
doesn't ease this pain;
that fills my aching heart,
throughout my every day.

by Ruth warren

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Hi Ruth, I could relate to this poems feelings from when I went through my divorce. I can't tell you how many divorce poems I wrote. But it helped me to get through a tough time. One day, when I was sad no longer, I took all the poems and recycled them in the recycle bin. I figured something good came of all that sadness. Thanks for sharing your poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb