Where Do We Go From Here? (Poem)

Where do we go from here?
Why are we told we must persevere?

We do not learn from our past mistakes!
Is living for survival - what it truly takes?

To live for today, and the hell with tomorrow
We live for ourselves, believing life is only borrowed

Yet we want to be part of society’s madness
Even if it means living our lives - with such sadness

We convict criminals for crimes, they have committed
Yet dropping bombs on women and children - is legally permitted

Take those bums out of Washington, who brain wash us all
Lock them all up in a cell, see how long - before they bawl

Give them all - a one-way ticket to hell,
And provide them all, with a happy farewell

Let us live our lives with love and dignity
Something not learned by politicians - in our universities


by Dave Tanguay

Comments (1)

Excellent! This is my dilemma comrade. Where do we come from? and where do we go from here? I heard somebody shouted. 'keep your mouth shut'.