AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Where Do We Hide

No one has the answers
To all the cancers
We possess
Imperfect secrets
That no one regrets
But we must confess
Do we get in a fetal position?
Forget about our contrition
Runaway to a lost city
Afraid to ask for pity
Do we burn bridges behind us
Afraid of what they remind us
Do we hide in a forest with no trees?
Exposing the untruths that nobody really sees
Do we disguise our alibis without candor?
Steal a space ship, fly it to the moon and land her
Do we hide behind dark shadows?
Where everyone can see through
Even in the brightest light
It could be the end for me and you
Doe we chase falling stars
The ones responsible for all the scars
Do we close one eye?
And search for the truth with the other
Do we fight our brother?
Standing behind the apron of our mother
Do we hide behind false pretenses?
No matter what the consequences
Do we take all the good that we’ve done?
And throw it in a pile of wrongs
Put everything on the line
Where broken dreams don’t belong
Do we throw sticks and stones?
No matter if we dig up old bones
Do we hide behind a stream of tears?
Rusting, cracking all our mirrors
Do we hide in a corrupted gutter?
Where our voice is but a stutter
Do we hide outside the box?
Not caring who we can out fox
Where do we hide?
Has our morality died?
Common sense defied
Opposite views worldwide
Love and hate amplified
Rhyme and reason nullified
Wherever we hide
We cannot commit suicide
Because we have too much on the inside

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imperfect secrets That no one regrets But we must confess....................simply wonder awes by wisdom, ingenious write,10+++, thanks for sharing
Tour de force! Magnificent writing Al!