Where Does A Miracle Come?

Have you ever wonder where miracles come from?
Have you ever seen a miracle for yourself?
Do they come within our soul or just generations ago?

Where does a miracle come?
Have you ever been in a crowd of strangers and felt you were not alone?
Have you ever been down that you felt there was no place left to go?
Have you ever felt that you had no friends on which you could not rely on?

Where does a miracle come?
They are in the sky above the clouds that pass us by.
They are on the ground, but our eyes don’t realize.
They touch us daily, but we do not see.

Where does a miracle come?
There in all that we are and all that will be.
They are within the hearts and soul of you and me.
All that is here is a miracle that has been.

Where does a miracle come?
In the sound of your first child’s cry.
In the sounds of the birds as they soar through the sky.
In the soft breeze of angels wings as we are never alone.

Where does a miracle come?
In the many talents that are in our souls.
In the soft laughter and tears that flow.
In the friendships that have come our way.

Where does a miracle come?
Within our families circle that continues to grow.
Throughout generations to come and from years ago.
Love abounds and continues to grow.

Where does a miracle come?
'july 2 2007'

by Gloria Comingore

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