FL (10-16-1984 / Bronx, New York City)

Where Does Time Go?

Where does time go?
I used to play in my sand box,
and now I play spades with my high school friends.
Where does time go?
I used to where pampers,
and now I put on underwear.
I used to have toys, now I have books.
I used to have a school bus waiting for me.
Now, I wait for the bus to pick me up
and I have to pay for the service.
Where does time go?
I used wear nametags. Now I wear jewelry.
I used to practice my ABC’s.
Now I practice taking the SAT’s.
I used to have everything given to me.
Now I have to work to earn what I need.
Where does time go?
I used to watch Barney on channel thirteen.
Now I watch MTV.
I used to shop at kids world.
Now, I shop at Hyperactive, Jimmy Jazz, London Boy,
and Macy’s on 34th street.
What has happen to me?
Oh, yeah I grew up.

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