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Where Doess Trump Find Them

Backers to endorse him
Under a rock in a hovel somewhere
Or in depths of the deep blue sea
Now it's big foot who is endorsing trump
Say it isn't so this cannot be
Thought he was a figment didn't exist
That's what I heard anyway
Wonder if he's getting paid as well
Funny it is I tell you
Next it will be someone from planet X
An unknown entity or deity
Or perhaps Olive oil
Nessie would devour Trump
Swallow him whole spit him out too
There coming out of the wood work
Loser users & the criminally insane
Who have been locked up forever
Since the dawn of man
Whose next is anyone's guess
Might be the Annunaki or ET
Hopefully it's not my friend ET
Who wants to get home to his family
Would rather live in peace than back trump
Anyone who backs trump
Is out of their ever loving
Needs one's head examined
& a prescription for Prozac
Can't believe people are hanging
Onto every word & the 71 lies
He spews in an hour & counting

by Leah Ross

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