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Where Fantasies Live- Part 1
AWS (31-7-1981 / Bangalore, India.)

Where Fantasies Live- Part 1

Poem By Abdul Wahab Sharief

It is a place where symphonies greet all ears,
And every being have their individual sunrise.
A light so perfect to meet our eyes,
Waters are pure to drink and bath,
Mountains for those who seek,
Love in all taste and speech.
No taxes no gains no possessions to loose,
No emotions to abuse.
Love the only religion for all living,
A friend giving and forgiving,
Pure is every want and desire.
Not many known liars,
And all sing when they speak.
No strong for others to be weak.

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Abdul, Ahh yes - the goal of every person since the dawn of man (every person of faith that is) . My particular faith speaks of a place very much like what you have described here. and described very welI. You have used incredible imagery, and a delicate, musical flow to paint this inspired picture. To reach this place at the end of my brief life on earth is my own ultimate goal, over everything I could attain on earth. Thank you for this lovely reminder. Blessings- TGR (Theresa)