Afraid To Sleep

When you are old and afraid to sleep
And you can't find solace even by counting sheep,
Your eyes are tired and gray and your torment is deep
But, do not worry and do not weep;

Remember of a love that gave you your youth
Think of it with kindness and remember it as truth,
Sending flowers and being faithful at one time was very couth
But, now those days you need to sleuth;

Now at night do you no longer say your prayers
Are you afraid of not waking up, or going downstairs,
Is your life and your soul destroyed beyond repairs
Maybe you are not afraid of dreams, but only of nightmares;

How many times have you angrily supposed
Now that you think, do you wish you had dozed,
Maybe it wasn't love, but falsity that you had proposed
Should you be awake, or maybe your eyes should be closed.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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Beautifully written poem.