A Quiet Man

I am known to most as a quiet man
because I don’t talk a lot.
I am quiet wherever I go,
friends will testify to that.

I am very quiet spoken
and many times I’ve been told
to speak up a little louder.
I am afraid it’s just the way I am.

I’ve never been a shouter,
nor am I a screamer.
I am a placid person
who does not like arguments.

I’d rather walk away
to avoid any confrontation.
I like to sit alone at times
and not be one of the crowd.

I am not anti-social
as I like people
of all backgrounds and races
and will readily talk to everyone.

I’ve known some to be jealous of me
because of who I am,
even try to turn people against me
with lies and innuendos.

I have always forgiven them,
which they cannot fully understand.
I cannot say I am perfect
as no human being ever is.

What I can say is I’m quiet
who holds out his hands in friendship
for anyone to take hold
knowing I’ll always be there.

by David Harris

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