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Where Has The Time Gone?
(9th March 1948 / Gateshead, County Durham)

Where Has The Time Gone?

Poem By Brian Routh

Where has the time gone?
Cobwebs in the corner of soul.
I look at this aging lined face in the mirror.
Someone has destroyed this portrait.
No more innocence.
I look at this great ship halfway through its voyage.
I see how neglected it is.
I feel shame.
I have allowed this vessel to decline.
I have put off ‘til tomorrow for too long.
It sinks away into the ocean.
Gone forever.
Lost in the darkness.
Sleeping on the ocean bed.
It no longer waits for the bliss of sunlight.
It sleeps too deeply to be conscious of itself.
Now it can only be awakened by the kiss of God.
Until then it will be unconscious of what, who and
where it is.

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Excellent poem. Very poignant. Time out of mind we will never know the answer to your question.But you have my applause for asking it in such a brave, original way. Regards, Sandra Fowler