Where Have They All Gone.

Where have they all gone.
Those smiles that shone
like lights on a lake.
Or the sun
just awake.
And that silver cloud,
now captured
by a stormy shroud.
we would sing out loud
before our hearts would break.
Before our world would quake
Stars that the night would don
like a tiara
from a lost aeon.
tell me,
where have they all gone.

Where have they all gone.
Just aching memories linger on.
baptized by the moon,
drowning in the ocean
too soon.
in a blue lagoon.
Joy comes without silver spoon
To all hearts that are poor.
Yet, creeps out the back door.
Love's flowers we hung our hopes upon.
So tell me,
Where have they all gone.

by Kevin East

Comments (3)

This is very lovely in words yet bleedingly sad. indeed, where have they all gone?
I ask the same question with you brother, where have they all gone? nice piece
A beautiful poem of yearning Kevin - very well penned and a great read.