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Where Have You Been?
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)

Where Have You Been?

Poem By kathryn _xo

Her childhood days were filled of him
and everything seemed so perfect
her dreams and reality would never clash
and that she thought was certain
she loved how his presence warmed the air
and how his cologne swarmed the hallways
his gentle kisses kept her sane
she thought he'd love her always
But one day he stood in the doorway
and smiled a sad sweet smile
he kissed his little girl on the cheek
never looking her in the eye all the while
she giggled and kissed him back
never knowing what was coming
and as he turned and faded away
all she could ask was 'Daddy, where r u going? '

He left her standing alone
forgotten, hurt, and confused
her color televised show turned black and white
she now knew her love he had abused
the atmosphere became bleak and cold
melting him away
as days, then months, then years had passed
even his picture seemed to fade within the frame
then one day a stranger appeared at her door
and smiled a sad sweet smile
kissed the young woman on the cheek
never looking her in the eye all the while
she didnt giggle or kiss him back
she was astounded at the nerve of this man
and found the only word she was able to utter
to the stranger was 'Where have you been? '

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love it is it based on a true story.