Where Her Heart Belongs

The anticipation begins to build,
as she slips on her black, silky dress;
She's expecting him any moment now,
and she desires to look her best.

She brushes her long, blonde hair,
and sprays on her favorite perfume;
Her makeup is applied with perfection,
and candles are lit in each room.

Tonight is a special evening,
and all must be perfect for him;
as she longs to take him to a place,
where he's never, ever been.

The doorbell rings at seven,
as she's taking one last glance;
at the woman he always calls beautiful,
who fills her heart with romance.

Tonight she'll give herself to him,
no holding back this time;
She'll allow him to induldge himself,
and drink from her sweet, juicy vine.

She opens the door with a smile,
and motions for him to come in;
He hands her a dozen, red roses,
then he gently kisses her lips.

Her table is set meticulously,
and she's prepared his favorite meal;
The candles are lit and glowing,
as down her spine runs a chill.

They quietly enjoy their dinner,
as she gazes into his eye's;
Her desire to please this caring man,
can no longer be denied..

She leads him into her bedroom,
where her perfume fills the air;
Flower petals lay upon the sheets,
which have been sprinkled there with care.

He gently cups her face in his hand's,
as they lay on the satin sheets;
Where all his dreams will be fulfilled,
and he'll meet her every need.

by Ruth warren

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