DB (20.02.1988 / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)

Where I Belong

My eyes.
They exist only to view you.
Their sole purpose, to watch you, study you.
To meet your gaze and explore your soul,
maintaining an electrifying bond between us.
My lips.
A physical buffer, crafted only to experience
the pressure from yours as they meet.
The skin, a sensitive conductor, allowing
us to feel every soft sensation as they drink you.
My tongue.
Two faces but only one aim;
to make theatrical contact with yours.
It is a muscle-bound warrior, duelling for domination,
wrestling violently for control.
Then, is a supple artiste, dancing, gracefully, Love’s Waltz.
My chest.
Formed carefully for you, alone, to rest your head.
An area dedicated to you, and your comfort.
It rises and falls in time with your breathing,
so as not to disturb the look on your face, that I love, as you sleep.
My arms.
Long and slender.
Made exclusively to wrap themselves around you,
and hold you to me.
Their only ambition, to comfort you and make you feel safe.
Every single bit of me,
in every single place,
made to fit with you, to perfection, where nothing is ever wrong.
Designed to melt lovingly into your embrace.
Because that is where I belong.

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Comments (3)

Romantic and passionate. You chose the words so well.
A truly painfully beautiful read for me Dan. I will be wishing on those stars again tonight. Thanks for making me cry again! Truly, a more romantic read I have not read for a while. I went to see your film the other day, it was brilliant. Grinning at you, joker to the end! Tai
What a beautifully romantic poem! Anyone would be so moved by having this written for them. Very passionate Dan. Great poem. Sincerely, Mary