HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Where I Can Find You...

darling, , , where are you...
searching, and searching for you...
every where i search...
searching every where...
searching in all places..
searching in all faces...
and searching in all hearts..
and all the times i do...

but, , where are you sweetheart...
are you here, or what, , ? ? ?
are you here in our world..? ?
or, you are just like a vision in my mind..?

why i am searching, , ? ?
and why can`t find you..? ?
am i crazy in my imaginations..? ?
no, i don`t think so..
because all what i need, is just you..
and you are here, in this world..
is that too much for me..? ?
no, i don`t think so..
because i need you..
and my heart choose you..
is that a lot for me..
no, ...
i need you to be with me..
to share me that passion, which you need too..
and to take care about me, ,
and about that heart, which choose you too...
sure you, too need that..
so, why i can`t find you now..
why you are not here? ? ?
why all are here..
and you are not..
you are my life, which i love..
but that life have not any taste without you..
so, for that i am searching now..
and will not become bored with that..

please if you are seeing me now..
come to me..
come so fast..
and tell me, here i am baby..
and i am your life, ..
and you are too..
love you...sweetheart...

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