Where I Come From

Poem By Moriah Toran

Where I come from, I didn't have many friends.

People were laughing at me,

Because of my slow learning skills.

Some people thought,

I wouldn't learn as fast as others.

The only person that really believed in me,

Was my mother.

My mother was the one who believed in me.

She taught me how to stand tall and strong like a tree.

The doctors thought I would'nt learn as fast as others.

But not my mother.

When things were getting tough,

My mom would always bring me up.

Where I come from, I learned how to fight,

All the things that I felt inside.

I felt pain and misunderstanding from others,

But then my thoughts went back to my mother.

She got me into special classes that helped me out,

But when I got bad grades,

I felt myself doubt.

I felt myself drowning,

Into the sea of darkness,

With nobody to help me,

Get a breath of air into the light.

But then, before I got to the bottom,

I felt myself being pulled up by something or someone.

When I came back into the light,

I saw who it was,

That saved my life.

It was myself,

Standing strong and tall.

It was the side of me,

That got through it all.

Where I come from,

May be hard to some.

But to me,

It's not such a bad place to come from.

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