(September 11,1987 / Long Beach, California)

Where I Lay My Head

Where I Lay My Head
Is somewhere between my feelings for you
And the whispered nothings I wish I could speak.
It’s easy there in a sea of sleepless dreams
To imagine your heart beat on my cheek again.
You lips to my forehead.
A cool pillow press.
Your arms a blanket’s embrace.
Fingers and legs entangled in sheets thrown askew.
Where I lay my head is always close to you.
Thinking dreams, dreaming things to do-
For there is always more.
Behind close doors palm to palm
And cheek to chest is where I lay my hopes.
Always behind closed doors.
To each night a new dream,
An impassioned release,
And cradled mind.
For where I lay my head is always close to you.

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