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Music is what you have
Music is what you like
With out it we wouldn't have rhythm

We wouldn't having fun
what world has no music
not this one of corse
Music is what we live about

Music shows your feeling
Feeling of the world around us
Music is poetry
Music tells us something

Music teaches us a lesson
It has a soft spot in our hearts
music is us

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Uthis is good poetry well done
Uriah - Lovely portrayal of the pain and pleasure of giving yourself over to love. Thanks for sharing - Cheryl
This is an incredibly beautiful poem, Uriah... it was very visual for me, with a deep sense of love and sadness... I can relate to this one... Lee :)
Uriah, this is a profound piece about joy and despair - the two sides of the unresolved argument we call life. How eloquently you pen your angst and how moving are your words: 'And once, I touched a woman’s hair Sprinkled with moonlight, And kissed her eyes Beside a river.' I know a man who kissed me upon the eyes. I've never forgotten him. love, Allie xxxx