Poem By Blake Foxx

I am from the Shadows.
I am from the dark womb.
I am a silhouette from the sonigram,
Quiet but moving and forming contemplations.
I am silent but overlooking,
To observe and absorb every moment.
I come and go but I leave everlasting impressions.

I am from the Earth.
I live and breath the cycle of life.
I seem as everything else;
What blooms must wilt, the idea of impermanence.
I can perceive what some cannot,
Maybe a gift. Maybe a curse.
I obtain intelligence and the secrets of the world,
not to be forgotten but to be remembered.

I am from the Light.
I will end up as part of history.
I will end as every generation before me,
not to keep the secrets, but to leave a legacy.
I am in the present,
The future is just the past without the nightmares.
I make the best of what I have
because to make the worst of it is to live without hope.

Comments about Despair

I like this! ! ! This is good, graet write 10+++
Great poem Michael...keep up the good work: D
In sum, you are 'of life' - which encompasses all you've expressed. And you've done it well! Rgds, Ivan

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