JT (5-21-92 / Wisconsin)

Where I’m From

I am from pillows,
Silk sheets and shag rugs
I am from the backyard
I am from the lilac bush,
The coniferous pine
Whose long limbs held me
As if I was a newborn.

I’m from ice-cream and gasoline,
From raspberries and rhubarb
I’m from the know-it-alls
And the whisperers,
From sit down to perk up.
I’m from the most holy book
That I’ve not read

I’m from Sara, Phil & Lil,
Feed corn and strong coffee
From the lung my grandmother lost
To smoking
The eye my grandfather shut to save his marriage
Under my bed was a bag
Spilling out old shells and school work

A pile of old lost memories
To drift beneath my memory
I am from those moments—
Snapped before I budded—
Leaf-fall down from the family tree.

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