Where I Stand

On top of the world,
is where i had stood,
and if I could have her,
then once again i would.

But those days are over now,
shes out of my life,
she was the girl,
I once thought would be my wife.

I can't belive it,
shes really gone,
and now all i can do,
is listen to our song.

But I guess it isnt our song,
atleast not anymore,
i wish she was still here,
cause without her life is a chore.

It's something I can't enjoy,
something I can't belive in,
I guess her love is like a game,
that I just can't win.

I get so close,
but thats not enough,
I love her so much,
and thats why its so tough.

If just one more chance,
I could be given,
then my heart and soul,
would be risen.

We still talk,
but not like we use to,
every night we spoke on the phone,
thought she loved me, but its not true.

I guess I should notice its over,
but how do you let love go,
its not like you can just say be gone,
or tell it no.

I feel I need to get away,
just leave and not come back,
cause if i stay here,
my life will always lack.

So as I leave I begin to notice,
I notice i'm leaving it all behind me,
I then begin to panic, but notice that if I stay,
I could never be who I want to be.

by Daniel Benson

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