*where I'Ve Been*

Poem By Alien Girl

Where have I been
These years have faded
Slightly scarred and still tormented
With the thought
Of ever returning

I used to come here often
Deleted and erased
So as to forget
Where I have been
Where I shall never return

Where is that place
You may ask
You will see
I will not resurrect such eras
Nor will I ever let you

I seem different I know
No finger can be placed
On such trivial things
But you sense the change
And maybe slightly envy

And the writing has changed
Yes I can see it too
It just flows this way now
In unprecedented honesty
Yes I hate that word too

And I've pushed off the bottom
Seems that's where I've been
This whole time sort of hiding
Not intentionally if course
It's just I've been trying

To figure this shit out.

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