If you came to my heart in peace
you could have been welcomed in
with words of love and friendship
there may have been an understanding
between the two of us

Instead you chose to bring an legion
armed to the teeth for war
and so were met with equal hostility
gigantic gates with thick walls and tall towers
barred the path to your desired destination

So great was your wish to get inside
you ordered an attack with thinking
with no coordination they carried out your orders
it was doomed to fail before the start

Your siege weapons had no effect
as projectiles bounced off the walls
they killed and crushed your own soldiers
even as they were felled with arrows
there was no surrender offered
you had to retreat with what was left of your forces
there was now no chance for your entry
all offers for a treaty were rejected

If you came to my heart in peace
alone and needing a friend
there might have been an understanding between us
instead you brought war and death
and so deserve your fate

by Jaden Knight

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